The 6 Reasons To Online Faxing


Faxing means of communication is still crucial to certain business that it has been adapted to suit modern ways to overcome the demerits of its traditional method, rather completely foregoing it.

Why faxing is still continued?

Certain critical sectors like the medical sector are completely reliable on faxing way of documents transfer as other electronic means of communication like the email are not considered completely safe and are highly prone to malicious attacks like hacking and virus. Faxing anytime offers high-level transmission protection and is also compliant with certain medical related policies that govern the safety measures on sensitive documents transfer.

Also, certain departments like the law offices, real estate departments etc. have to frequently deal with receiving signed documents from their customers and in any case, legally, a faxed copy of the signed papers are more preferred than the printed copy of the signed documents that were scanned and emailed.

Leave about the requirements of these specific departments, with faxing you really get to know if the person has actually received the document or not, which is not the case with email means of documents transfer. The vice versa is also true as you can really find if the sender has faxed the necessary documents and in any case not making any false pretensions.

Thus faxing although considered outdated, it is essentially required for the smooth functioning of certain critical business and in general anyone who wanted to have a fair play of communication involving sensitive documents transfer.

The advantages of online faxing

Online faxing was introduced to overcome the thoughtless working principle of traditional faxing, where it thwarted the business with a number of demerits like cost-inefficient, paper wastage, time-consuming, location-specific and so on. The online faxing on how to fax from iphone which uses the web server to facilitate the fax process offers a number of benefits, of which the following 6 are highly noteworthy.

Greener environment

Online faxing allows for the paperless transmission of documents, where you can choose to receive the softcopy format of the documents either as an email attachment or saved in the destined storage space allocated for the faxed documents. You can actually print only those documents that are necessary, instead of irresponsibly printing every document even those that require modifications.
By doing this, we are actually contributing to the greener environmental policies where our switch to the paperless online faxing can put an end to the exploitation of papers, thereby stopping deforestation and saving the amount of energy and water resource spent on producing paper.


Online faxing is so convenient that you need not be in your office, for that matter in any specific location, to initiate the faxing. With online faxing, you can fax your documents on the go, which becomes even comfier if you use the fax app to enable the process. Nevertheless, a smart device like the tablet, smartphone, laptop/computer and a super-fast internet connection are more than enough to perform the entire process of faxing, quickly and effortlessly.


No fax machine procuring cost, no maintenance cost, no paper cost, no ink cost, no cartridge cost, no toner cost and now, what with all these saved money? Well, if you are the business owner you have no other better reasons to use this money on your business investments. And, if you are that ingenious employee who suggested online faxing for your company’s business, well, you might get luckier to receive a surprise salary hike, if not the promotion. Isn’t online faxing rewarding? What say?


Using online faxing is a no-brainer as anybody with decent computer knowledge can fairly grab its working principle and easily adapt to its simple procedures. It is as simple as you send documents via your email but more secured!


As stated above many critical sectors like medical sector heavily relies upon faxing services for securely transferring their sensitive documents and with online faxing, security is much more prudent as most of the online faxing services predominantly use 256-bit encryption, which is on par with many of the government agencies’ encryption practices.


You will be awe-stricken by the efficiency and speed of the online faxing services, especially in the case when you want to do a bulk amount of documents transfer. In the conventional method of faxing, it took ages to send a bulk amount of documents as you have to feed the paper one by one into the faxing machine sure to drain your sanity. With online faxing, you can simply attach as many documents as you want to transfer and just click the send button to facilitate faxing and go have your coffee! Thus online faxing benefits you, your business, your society and collectively your planet! Go Green! Live Clean!