Our Goal


We at our online fax company offer faxing services for anybody and everybody who wanted to enjoy the greener, cleaner and more efficient ways of faxing documents without involving much complexity. Our goal is to offer simple, enjoyable faxing service with the perfect blend of affordability, availability, and reliability.

Why affordability?

It’s because, as stated above, providing enjoyable faxing services is ourultimate goal and when that service is affordable, there is more reason to enjoythe services wholeheartedly. Instead of paying for faxing services more than your usage, we offer use-based online faxing service that comes with comprehensive faxing packages combined with affordable price ranges, The Best Productivity Apps of 2016 | PCMag.com to help you save your valuable money. Depending upon how frequent or how bulk you plan to fax the documents or receive the faxed documents from others, choose the suitable plan suiting your need and avoid any non-meaningful expenditures.

Why availability?

In business, you can never know when do those moments of urgency pop up and to help our valuable customers during those critical moments, particularly while you are caught up with some unusual queries, concerns or technical difficulties while faxing feel free to contact us, as we are available, all day, all night, and every month, throughout the year! Our 24/7 availability is our humble means to boost the growth of your business, just the way your association with us do to our business.

Why reliability?

Reliability is the foundation for any relationship, which is much more important in building healthy customer relationship in business. We at our company, leave no stone unturned to make our services to you always reliable. Our top-level encryption techniques offer highly secured faxing methodologies and therefore, all your critical data that are faxed are always un-breachable. Our highly secured authentication services and sophisticated firewalls and anti-malware deny any entry to illicit users, thus actively safeguarding your account, for you to enjoy our online faxing services all time and every time.